Podcast: I Am In Another Castle

So IndieCade’s Sam Roberts just reminded me of this, and I felt bad that I hadn’t mentioned it here sooner, but then I realized they hadn’t blogged it yet either. [edit – This was a lie! They did blog it, just at their new website, with my ‘tough-guy’ photo & all!] Either way! Back in November when I was spending a few weeks in NYC, I sat down with Charles Pratt & Noah Sasso (he of soon-to-be Miracle Adventures in 2113 renown) at the legendary and now sadly defunct Ariyoshi for an hour long talk for
Another Castle
(direct MP3 link, or click play above).

If you haven’t yet added Another Castle to your podcast rotation, you should do so now. It’s one of the very few I follow regularly, not least because it’s more or less the smartest of all gaming-related broadcasts — Charles semi-jokingly called it the ‘Charlie Rose‘ of games podcasts, but I think that’s actually pretty apt.

Anyway, the metadata description for the episode reads like this:

The chairman of the Independent Games Festival and former editor of Offworld talks to us about his long, off and on relationship with games, as well as his plans for IGF and beyond.

and, having recorded it nearly six months ago and not listened to it since it was aired, I can’t fully recall what more I can add about it, other than (again, as Sam reminded me) a total diversion into how I first became acquainted with the Church of the SubGenius and the massive impact that had on my future.

Have a listen to it now to hear how that’s at all relevant to anything, but be warned that it probably isn’t at all! And then subscribe to the whole thing and dig back through the archives, because there’s really, really good chats with people like Frank Lantz, Richard Lemarchand, John Sharp, Adam Saltsman, Andy Nealen, Steve Gaynor, and a whole slew of other names that should definitely mean something to you if they don’t already.