links for 2009-07-23

  • Want to own a piece of Why? history? 'Yone-dawg' says: "I'm gonna have a moving sale this coming saturday, the 25th of July this year 2009 at a yet to be disclosed location in Oakland. I am selling some large items, including: the spinet piano used on elephant eyelash and the sanddollars ep, the organ used on elephant eyelash, rubber traits ep, and cLOUDDEAD ten, some furniture, a big rug, etc. so bring your truck or van. also selling a lot of small stuff including my whole entire c.d. collection, a bit of recording gear, personal affects, etc….come by, buy some shit and kick it. Everything must go!!"
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  • "Who's doing who? We've got it figured out for you. Clash At Demonhead=Metric. Crash In The Boys: Broken Social Scene. Beck=Sex Bob-Omb. How's that? It's a bit of a guess yes, but Metric and BSS are basically confirmed as writing the music for the other two fictional groups, so basic process of elimination pegs Beck as writing the music for Cera's band. But yes, that's not 100% confirmed, but hey, we've been pretty spot-on here so far. Plus in the comics, Sex Bob-Omb essentially sound like a cross between the twang of Uncle Tupelo and the noise of Sonic Youth, which is arguably a style Beck can easily emulate or already does."
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