links for 2009-07-21

  • Of interest to about like 5 of you out there maybe, James 'Henry Fool' Urbaniak (now a Venture Bro) has a blog. A livejournal even.
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  • Soundtrack details, some deleted scene videos, and what seems like a slight reversal on the last thing Playlist wrote on the movie: "While the Playlist are the self-appointed watch dogs of everything too indie-cutsie and or twee, we're happy to report that "Paper Heart" was quite, sweet and endearing and not the obnoxious film we were worried about. "
  • If you do not see this movie YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM: "I spent a while out in Washington last year speaking to staffers and CIA and State Department people and Pentagon people and it did strike me that a lot of Washington politics is run by 23-year-olds. They've got a degree in Terrorism Studies from Harvard or George Washington University or they arrive in Washington as a Senator's staffer and before they know it, he's that Senator's Foreign Policies advisor, and I found that quite scary. The petty politics that went on was interesting. They told me about the whole notion that you must never leave the room. If you leave the room, you leave power. You've always got to be in the room, and that's why you find a lot of staffers spend their time just hanging around outside people's doors, so that if Rumsfeld comes out, you're there, so you might join him in a meeting. He'd go up to you and say, "Hey" so that dictated how we shaped the character Chad."