links for 2009-06-30

  • What Tom and co. at Schulze & Webb have been building in there. In top 'i can has data' form, it searches blog/twitter buzz around BBC tv/radio programs, sucks it all back in, and "offers a range of different ways into the data, from the 'fresh buzz' chart on the homepage, to the schedule heatmap which shades the 'hottest' programmes on each of the BBC's TV channels / radio stations (which also have their own pages). There is also a Catch up on iPlayer page, enabling you to filter programmes available to watch on demand by channel, genre and time of day. The genre cuts are particularly compelling, enabling you to see, for example, which Comedy programmes are generating the most buzz. There's also the blueprint, which provides full access to all of the data, including permalinks, so I can tell you that the most buzzed about factual TV programme at midday on Monday 22nd June was BBC Two's James May on the Moon."
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  • Yeah, I'm still not sure about this: "Reeves has finished a second draft of the script, now titled Let Me In. The film will be set in Reagan-era Colorado. He is scouting locations, looking to maintain the original story's chilly, snow-swept environs. The production is also looking for the two leads, which Reeves vows will not be aged-up to make the film more of a smoldering Twilight-style romance. "
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  • Well this is a shame: "One of the key qualities missing from footage at SXSW is the sheer relentlessness. When simply previewing scenes, Baron Cohen and co. could eschew story and simply bombard the audience with scathing humor. In their truncated forms, the same scenes feel hurried and less effective. Plus that element of uncompromising humor that goes on for too long is jettisoned. It's as if the filmmakers fell in love with each little scene and decided to give them all screen time rather than pummel the viewer with one particularly uncomfortable moment."
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  • 'Persepolis 2.0': following the events of Iran's election in the style of Marjane Satrapi's original.