• Bonkers student project dissecting and deconstructing Sufjan Stevens' Illinoise into various graphic elements.
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  • Huge roundup of various RF works both retro and modern.
    (tags: art design)
  • You don't need to know anything more than what's in the title.
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  • "BILL MOYERS: What is it about the crime scene that gives you a keyhole, the best keyhole perhaps, into how American society really works?

    DAVID SIMON: Right. You see the equivocations. You see the stuff that doesn't make it into the civics books. And also you see how interconnected things are. How connected the performance of the school system is to the culture of a corner. Or where parenting comes in. And where the lack of meaningful work in all these things, you know, the decline of industry suddenly interacts with the paucity and sort of fraud of public education in the inner city. Because THE WIRE is not a story about the America, it's about the America that got left behind. "