links for 2009-04-21

  • "The part documentary, part fictional feature directed by Nicholas Jasenovec follows Yi on her quest to document her skepticism on the concept of love. The film seems to transition between the documentary and a fictionalized love story between her and Cera (whose also her real life boyfriend) that interplays with her journey."
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  • "Jeff and I don’t have a neighborhood to brag about, or a criminal record. We have our honesty—the fact that we have stayed completely true to our music and friends. That said, people have been talking shit about me for years, and they know who they are, and I’m coming for their faces. I’m going to catch them backstage when their fans aren’t around and demand they freestyle—I don’t need MTV there to knit a sweater for a motherfucker. I’m an eater of men in this rap shit. I do it for the right reasons and I never white-boyed anybody. I don’t 'take.' I 'make,' and I took shit for it because I was figuring out my stage persona, swishing my wrists and using effects pedals."
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  • And this is the real VF article, related below, for reading later. It's all true!
  • I am excited any time anyone writes about Bohemian Grove, especially because no one believes a word I say when I drunkenly rant about it.