• Aesop and Fish collaborating again: "on december 4th. Jeremy Fish's new art show "ghosts of the barbary coast" will open in San Francisco at gallery 50/24SF, 248 Fillmore Street.

    I made some original music for the show. The song i did will be on repeat the night of the opening, and available to show-goers in limited quantity alongside a Jeremy Fish print (on a small wooden plank). The print will be adorned with a miniature usb hard-drive containing the original music with lyrics, as well as a digital show catalog, and hopefully some other cool stuff."

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  • Seriously, if I don't get to see Grip Wrench soon I'm going to just about die. Someone sneak me out video from onedotzero please.
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  • If you like pixel bears in pastel dog-costumes (or are they dogs in bear-costumes? or bears in bear-costumes?) jumping rope and generally having a good time, boy you've come to the right place.
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  • Gorgeously haunting flipbook-video that I think I'm going to have to watch about 15 more times to fully appreciate.
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