• Brooker responds to Simon Pegg's earlier lambast on the 'fast' zombies in Brooker's Dead Set (which I have just completed watching and is, for all intents and purposes, quite excellent [and I wish I had time to do a full blog post on it, but maybe soon]), the most salient point being: "They HAD to run or the story wouldn't work. The outbreak had to knock the entire country out of action before the producers had time to evacuate the studios," and, also, (in summary): if they didn't, it would've just been Shaun all over again.
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  • Look at P4K being all investigative journalism core!
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  • Holy yes — Warp is releasing two four-disc box sets of On The Hour, the BBC Radio 4 news-satire predecessor to The Day Today, with Chris Morris, Armando Iannucci, and the world's first appearance of Coogan's Alan Partridge, also to be available on iTunes and Warp's digi-download service Bleep. And the site is podcasting! And full of samples! This is massive.
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  • GET pumpkin… TAKE pumpkin… LOOK pumpkin… OPEN pumpkin… GRAB pumpkin… HOLD pumpkin… PUT pumpkin IN pocket.
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