I told you the one thing I know how to say, through the bright ringing drone of 8-bit choirs.

I’ve got a remarkably long history with The Mountain Goats that stretches back some 13 or 14 years — had frontman John Darnielle give me impromptu relationship counseling in my teens, used his Sweden (quite possibly the most gut-wrenching concept album of all time) and this brilliantly anthemic YouTube video as the salve for more than a handful of rough breakups — but never, in all those years, did I imagine  the day would come where he would sing from the perspective of a frightened and lonely Toad, quivering breathlessly in his underworld holding cell, hoping for rescue.

But now, courtesy Pitchfork, we’ve got just that, from his forthcoming Black Pear Tree EP in collaboration with Kaki King (who you should also hear here).

It’s light and quirky stuff, but worth the novelty if just for the celebratory refrain where Kaki joins in. See them both together on their forthcoming fall tour and hold your, you know, fire-flowers up when they hit on this one.